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T.W. Suggs is an author, storytelling artist, public speaker, and talk show host with an underlying mission to leverage various platforms and create opportunities to explore relevant issues, inspire, and help others heal.  T.W.’s extensive background positions him to create captivating bodies of work that go beyond the superficial and touch the core of the human experience.  Through sharing his own experiences and vulnerabilities, he helps others develop and heal. He forms a bond with his audience to mutually strengthen one another.


Born in Atlanta and raised in Philadelphia, T.W. built a strong history of personal and professional accomplishments that have led to his current standing as a speaker, author, and now talk show host. To date, T.W. holds an Associate’s Degree in Human Services, a B.S. in Business Management, and an M.S. in Organizational Development and Leadership.  Even with this as his base, T.W.’s love for storytelling and art stemmed from the influences of his mother and grandmother, who were strong advocates for performing arts.

Taking his first steps by writing poems, this passion soon transitioned into full-scale monologues and escalated into the storytelling realm. In 2012, T.W. wrote his first storytelling show called, ‘Remove the Tape: Healing Through Honesty’ and performed ~8 stories altogether, culminating with ‘Game Over’, a sensitive tale of a man overcoming the intense trauma of childhood molestation. Since then, T.W. has continued with storytelling performances throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Virginia, including at the African American Museum in Philadelphia, the National Liberty Museum, Freedom Theater, Arcadia University for the Black Male Development Symposium, and other businesses, churches, and venues.


Throughout this time, T.W. branched into his second passion for music, releasing a 4-track Christian album called ‘God’s Love, My Stories’ in 2017. The titles on the album include ‘You are Not the Father,’ ‘Taxi,’ ‘Blood Transfusion,’ and ‘Paint Me,’ with ‘Taxi’ and ‘Blood Transfusion’ connecting deeply with audiences.  More recently, T.W. released his first book entitled ‘Running Through the Rain: My Stories, Reflections, and Kind Reminders’.  In his book, T.W. Recounts the struggles he and his family experienced while living in Philadelphia.  He uses his story to explore issues such as forgiveness, identity, rejection, and the unseen trauma black men and boys encounter, but seldom express.


In 2023, T.W. debuted, ‘The TOMMIE! Talk Show’ which is a part of the P3 Christian Radio Station family and is affiliated with the Culture Talk Show.  The TOMMIE! Talk Show serves as a platform to build community, inspire, inform, heal, and create change by addressing relevant issues and having honest conversations.  The show features interviews and group discussions with actors, artists, CEO’s, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people in the community.

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