“You are the spine of your own book and have been graced to carry the volume of your pages.”

~ T.W. Suggs

This is one of many insightful and provocative thoughts T.W. Suggs shares in his book, “Running Through the Rain: My Stories, Reflections, and Kind Reminders”.


In his book, T.W. Suggs recounts the struggles he and his family experienced while living in Philadelphia and uses these stories to explore issues such as forgiveness, identity, rejection, and the unseen trauma black men and boys encounter but seldom express. Though ‘Running Through The Rain’ examines serious issues, it also reminds us of the importance of opening our hearts to the little moments that make us smile, that exist around us all.


The creative, keen, and unique insights on healing shared in this book will resonate with readers and surface the importance of embracing and telling your own story as a means for wholeness and self-empowerment.


Running Through the Rain is not a book. It’s an invitation to fold our umbrellas, feel our stories, and run through our rain.


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