BOOK NAME: "Running Through the Rain: My Stories, Reflections, and Kind Reminders"  

EVENT THEME: Embracing our stories and healing as a community  

EVENT DESCRIPTION: This event serves as a platform to celebrate our healing journey, the launching of the book, and the debut of an author and aims to shed light on the fact that we all have a story and no matter how complicated our stories may be, we are beautifully resilient and possess enormous strength and capacity to embrace them.  As T.W. writes in his book, "You are the spine of your own book and have been graced to carry the volume of your pages."  This event also provides an opportunity for the community to come together and strengthen each other.  

OTHER COOL STUFF: The ticket includes entertainment (rapper, spoken word, and music), food (heavy hor devours, wine, dessert), and a swag bag (which will have an autographed copy of the book and other goodies).