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BIO (short)

"You are amazing, beautiful, and far more resilient than you could ever imagine."

-T.W. Suggs

Artist, Storyteller, & Author

T.W. Suggs is a storyteller based in Philadelphia who captures the attention of audiences and takes them on an unforgettable experience as they dive into one of his thought-provoking stories. Before telling stories, he wrote poetry to express himself and to deal with the harsh realities of life. As time progressed, T. W. Suggs felt the need to encourage others by using an art form that would be sure to reach the people. In 2012, he had his first one man show, "Remove the Tape: Healing through Honesty". This show not only addressed relevant issues such as abuse, molestation, and suicide, but it empowered people to look at their own reality and heal from it. 


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