About TW Suggs

“You are amazing, beautiful, and far more resilient
than you could ever imagine.”

-T.W. Suggs


T.W. Suggs is a Philadelphia-based author, storytelling artist, and talk show host on a mission to use various platforms to address relevant issues, inspire, and heal others. He captures his audience’s attention and takes them on unforgettable, though-provoking journeys that ultimately lead to self-discovery and wholeness. T.W.’s artistically unique background influences his ability to create captivating bodies of work that go beyond the superficial, truly touching people at their core.


In 2012, T.W. wrote and performed his first one-man show, “Remove the Tape: Healing Through Honesty” where he and the audience explored the impact of trauma and the power of vulnerability that ultimately leads to healing.


T.W. released his first book, “Running Through the Rain: My Stories, Reflections, and Kind Reminders” in 2022, which recounts the struggles he and his family experienced while living in Philadelphia, PA. He uses these stories to explore issues such as forgiveness, identity, rejection, and the unseen trauma black men and boys encounter but seldom express.


In 2023, T.W. debuted, ‘The TOMMIE! Talk Show’ which is a part of P3 Christian Radio and is affiliated with the Culture Talk Show. The TOMMIE! Talk Show serves as a platform to build community, inspire, inform, heal, and create change by addressing relevant issues and having honest conversations. The show features interviews and group discussions with actors, artists, CEO’s, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people in the community.


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